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Community involvement

We understand that there are many individuals in Ottawa who may be living without access to basic dental care and, as a result, have to cope with untreated dental issues every single day. At Centrepointe Dental, we make it part of our mission to help these individuals and communities in any way we can.

Educating our communities

We take the time to get involved in our communities by educating youth on the importance of dental health and best practices that can be implemented into a daily routine, as well as students of dentistry.

Children and youth

We know the importance of having the children and youth of our communities start out on the right foot when it comes to proper oral hygiene and maintaining good habits. We teach children the essential dental health skills that will lead to healthier smiles.

Students of dentistry

Our dentists offer mentorships for students of dentistry, giving them hands-on experience that will set them up for a future of successful practice.