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Dental checkup and cleaning

Staying on top of your oral health means keeping a regular schedule of flossing and brushing, but it also requires regular checkups and cleanings. Being proactive about deep cleanings of your teeth and gums reduces the chance of experiencing more severe dental problems in the future. 

Making a visit to the dentist every 6 months or so is a great way to stay on top of oral hygiene.

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    Healthier smiles take dedication

    It all starts with booking your next appointment, and our staff are standing by to help you achieve a healthy smile with our careful and thorough cleaning services.

    Benefits of regular checkups and cleanings with Centrepointe Dental:

    • We treat cavities in early development before they become damaging
    • We remove plaque buildup that leads to gum disease and gingivitis
    • We detect early signs of oral cancer and treat them accordingly
    • We offer dental care advice, insights, tips and tricks for you to bring home with you
    • Achieving a healthy smile means achieving a healthy mind

    * The frequency in which a patient requires checkups and cleanings is determined by your dentist, and it is different for everyone. Typically, most people require a checkup in 3 to 6-month intervals. If you’re unsure, your dentist will inform you after assessing your current oral health.

    Early treatment of developing cavities

    Maintaining great oral hygiene at home is a great way to avoid the development of cavities, but it’s not always a foolproof plan.

    By visiting us on a frequent basis, our team can detect early signs of cavities before they become identifiable to the naked eye and before they can grow in size, causing pain or discomfort. By stopping cavities before they develop, you can avoid further problems that may arise later on.  

    Plaque removal to avoid gum disease

    If you want an award-winning smile, we’ll trade your plaque for a trophy! Plaque is a sticky, bacteria-filled coating that forms on your teeth, and over time it hardens into tartar and must be removed by a dental professional in order to prevent gingivitis.

    Regardless of how great your daily brushing and flossing regimen is, the truth is, with all of the hard-to-reach places in the human mouth, that plaque can be very tricky to completely get rid of.

    Often, when gums bleed, become inflamed or are sore to the touch, these are the beginning signs of gingivitis. When these warning signs are ignored or untreated, further gum recession or bone loss can occur. Our team of hygienists will thoroughly remove the plaque from your mouth and provide tips and tricks for removing plaque at home.

    Detecting early signs of oral cancers

    Our staff is trained to detect early signs of oral cancers at their very early stages, allowing most of them to be properly treated before they spread. Signs of oral cancers that we look for include:

    • Spots
    • Discolourations
    • Lumps

    Many things can contribute to the risk of oral cancer, ranging from an unhealthy diet and alcohol abuse to age and smoking habits. While these things can act as risk factors for oral cancer, individuals with a family history of cancer are encouraged to schedule a checkup with one of our professionals. 

    Expert advice for at-home care

    We are proud to help our patients feel empowered to take some of their dental health into their own hands. Our team offers insights and advice on how to properly maintain great oral hygiene at home in-between visits. 

    A healthy smile means a healthy mind

    We believe that a bright, beautiful and healthy smile leads to more positive benefits of the mind. We help you achieve great oral health that leads to improved self-confidence.

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