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Digital radiographs (x-rays)

X-ray technology is an integral tool in all aspects of health and medicine. In dentistry, x-rays allow us to identify potential problems before they arise by enabling us to see things beyond what is visible to the naked eye.

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Safe, precise treatment

Our leading x-ray technology has been proven to emit less radiation than traditional x-ray technology, meaning that we are able to provide this safe service to all patients so that we can perform with precision.

Through our x-ray technology, our team is able to identify certain dental concerns such as:

  1. Bone loss occurring below the surface of the gumline.
  2. Tooth decay in hard-to-see areas.
  3. Early signs of cancerous growths.
  4. Infections, abscesses or cysts.
  5. Irregular root positioning.

We’re here for you.

Our leading technology allows us to offer proactive oral care to prevent potential issues with your teeth, roots or gums.