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3D digital imaging

3D digital imaging helps us to get a more robust view of a patient’s teeth than even our advanced x-ray technology allows. This type of technology means we are able to capture panoramic views of teeth so that we can offer even more accurate solutions. 

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3D imaging vs. X-rays

What exactly are the differences between 3D digital imaging and x-rays? 

With 3D digital imaging, we are able to get a sophisticated, comprehensive view of your teeth from multiple angles while also accurately depicting bone shape and density beyond what an x-ray is able to capture. 

For our patients, this means that our team is able to identify potential issues on a deeper level and provide more effective solutions to solve them. 

The technology we use

With the use of our cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner, hundreds of high-resolution images of a patient’s teeth and bones are captured, quickly and effectively depicting the current state of that patient’s dental health.

CBCT scanners are also highly effective in detecting cysts or early stages of certain oral diseases that may require more extensive surgeries.

A closer look at your dental health

As technology continues to evolve and create breakthroughs in the medical field, we continue to adopt, learn and implement these new tools to enhance our services of providing patients with healthier smiles. 

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