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Nepean dentists

With Centrepointe Dental around the corner, we’ll always be in yours. 

At our clinic, we deliver high-quality dental care in a modern environment for a worry-free, comfortable and unforgettable experience for each and every patient. Your oral health is our primary focus, and we aim to help you achieve an unforgettable smile. Our services range from teeth whitening and implant restoration to veneers, crowns, bridges, and extractions.

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Our approach to your dental care experience

From the moment you book your appointment to the moment you’ve left our clinic, you’ll be met with an unmatched experience every step of the way.
As advocates for big smiles, our staff makes sure to greet every patient with warmth and kindness, making you feel part of the Centrepointe Dental family during your visit.

Our approach to dentistry is built around our 4 core values:

Personalized service

Whatever the reason may be for your visit, we ensure that we provide a unique, tailored experience that addresses your specific dental needs.


Our staff members work with each other so that each and every experience is smooth and seamless every step of the way.


We’re passionate about helping you achieve a healthier smile.! We take the time to ensure that every patient is 100% satisfied with their dental work.


We are highly trained and passionate professionals with years of experience serving the Ottawa community – and it shows!

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