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Teeth whitening
(cosmetic dentistry)

Achieve a bright, beautiful smile with our teeth whitening treatments!

We help repair and restore stained, discoloured, cracked or chipped teeth through our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions. If you are experiencing any of the above, contact us to learn about how we can help! Simply fill out the form below, and we will be in touch.

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    Our teeth whitening services

    Here are some of the methods available to help improve your smile

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    Bleaching is the process whereby a whitening agent is applied to the off-coloured tooth (or teeth) on a daily basis until the tooth has restored its vibrance and colour. We take an impression of your teeth and provide you with a custom-fitted tray that is a perfect fit, giving you the best results.

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    Partial crowns: inlays and onlays

    CEREC technology also allows us to create partial crowns (AKA Inlays and Onlays), in those instances where the damage of a tooth is too great for a simple filling yet not great enough where a full dental crown is needed.

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    Veneers are coverings made out of porcelain and are bonded to existing teeth. A veneer’s job is to restore whiteness and vibrance to your smile while simultaneously restoring the strength of your teeth.

    Veneers are also great solutions for shortening small gaps between irregularly spaced teeth.

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    Dental crowns

    Dental crowns act as durable, strong caps to the damaged tooth above the gum line, and are applied to the top of the remaining part of a damaged or decayed tooth.

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    Gum and tissue grafts

    A tried, tested and true method since 1994, AlloDerm® RTM (Regenerative Tissue Matrix) allows us to restore the strength of your gum line without needing to use tissue from other areas of the mouth. This process relies on sterilized, donated tissue that is ready to be converted into a neutral material for the process.


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