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General information

In addition to our main services we offer free Outside of the main dental services we offer, we also proudly offer consultation services for those who may have questions regarding our other main services, oral appliances, how Invisalign works, or just want to know more about our team and our clinic.

We also offer same-day visits for dental emergencies.

Payment options

We are a fee-for-service practice and have a variety of payment options that best suit your preference. We accept most forms of payment, such as cash, debit, VISA, and MasterCard. When it comes to the use of benefits, we handle providing all of your essential information to your health insurance company in a timely fashion so that your benefits are quickly returned to you.

Our COVID-19 response (sterilization and infection control)

We have specific rules and regulations in place that ensure the health and safety of our patients when it comes to COVID-19. Through the implementation of mandatory masks, screening questions and contactless check-in upon your arrival, we ensure a safe environment for everyone. 

Cancellation policy

Should you need to cancel your appointment, we kindly ask for notice 48 hours (or two business days) in advance.

Appointment times and policy

Your time is valuable. At Centrepointe Dental, we will find you the best appointment time that suits your daily agenda. If you need to cancel an appointment, we ask for at least 48 hours’ notice (or two business days) whenever possible so that your appointment time can be allocated to another patient in need. In some instances, a cancellation fee may apply.

Prior to your appointment, we will send you an email asking you to confirm the date and time.


We are proud to say that the entire Centrepointe Dental office is wheelchair accessible. We offer washroom amenities that include handrails, large hallways, and all of our dental chairs are able to accommodate wheelchair transfers.

Electronic insurance claims

One of our professionals will safely and securely submit your insurance claims electronically to your health insurance provider.

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