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Dr. Prateek Aggarwal

Despite his level of comfort at the dental clinic Prateek’s first trip to the dentist wasn’t voluntary. At the age of two, an accident resulted in a fractured jaw and the loss of four baby teeth. It’s a story he’s heard his parents tell a thousand times, a defining moment; one that changed and shaped the trajectory of his life. 

Through the years, the dental office has become a second home and with it his relationship with the profession and interests evolved. With a passion for science, a love for art, and a desire to help others, he can’t imagine a more appropriate calling.

As such, he decided on dentistry early earning his DDS from the University of Western Ontario after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto (H. BSc). Although he grew up in a big city, Prateek always yearned for small-town living and Ottawa, with its history, cycle paths, and quaint cafés provided the right mix.

His favourite part

He cares about his patients, “it’s the ability to better a person’s daily narrative that attracts me most,” and is uncompromising when it comes to their oral health. 

Life outside of work

Outside of the office, you can find him cycling the Ottawa streets, trying new restaurants, or baking at home (sometimes he brings the goodies to work!). 

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