Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is another common procedure at Centrepointe Dental. Root canals involve the removal of the intricate nerve vessels that come from the top of the tooth and progress their way down to the tip of the root. Each tooth can have up to four nerve canals within the tooth roots. Fortunately for patients, who suffer from root canal pain, root canal therapy is an incredible dental procedure with an exceptional rate of success.

How does it work?

Root Canal Therapy consists of the removal of the affected nerve tissue, preventing the spread of infection and repairing the healthy area of the tooth with a crown. Basically, this dental procedure commences by the dentist firstly removing the nerve and infected tissue. They will then clean and sterilize the inner chamber of the root where the nerve once was and reshape the tiny canals inside. An inert, elastic filling material then fills and seals the cleansed chamber and canals.


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