Crowns and Bridges


Dental crowns are a prosthetic restoration that act like a cap to cover a damaged or broken-down tooth. Crowns completely cover the entire surface of a tooth, and are most commonly performed on teeth that have suffered trauma, on broken or fractured teeth, or on teeth that simply have very large fillings in need of structural repair. Onlays and fillings are different from crowns since they only fill in or cover just a certain area of a tooth. Dental crowns coat the entire visible area of a tooth and they successfully become the tooth’s new external surface.


Dental bridges are a dental restoration procedure for replacing missing teeth. The loss of simply one tooth can lead to significant loss of bone structure and density in the area of the space. This can also cause added strain on the neighbouring teeth, which in the long-term can affect how you speak and your ability to eat. Dental bridges fill in the area where a tooth once was with strong, natural-looking artificial teeth. This is achieved by forming a “bridge” between the adjacent teeth that act like anchors for the restoration. Bridges are the next best option after implants. Implants are universally considered the best option for replacing missing teeth.

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