Boi Tuyen Thai - CentrePointe Dental

Boi Tuyen Thai, Dental Assistant Level II

A recent graduate of Algonquin College’s dental assisting program, Boi Tuyen Thai brings a wealth of dedication and passion to the dental profession. Coming from Vietnam, Boi came to Canada with a desire to discover herself and expand her knowledge in the process. In pursuit of this, Boi has now found herself as part of the Capital Dental team and is committed to providing high-quality care in a positive environment.

An experience caregiver

Having previously worked as a personal support worker in the caregiving sector, Boi developed a deep appreciation for holistic care and recognized how important dental health plays in overall well-being. Motivated by this insight, she decided to transition into the dental field to contribute to the oral health and confidence of individuals.

Connecting with people

With her multi-cultural background, Boi is able to connect with a diverse range of people and her empathetic approach ensures personalized and attentive care.

Life outside work

Beyond her professional life, Boi enjoys exploring the cultural richness of Canada, travelling, and savouring diverse cuisines.

Part of a great dentistry team

Teamwork helps Boi, as well as the rest of the Centrepointe Dental team, give you a great experience from the moment you walk in our door.!